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Half of UK pizzas still too salty

By Josie Clarke

Half of all UK pizzas still contain more salt than the recommended daily maximum following a "complete halt in progress" by the food industry, according to a survey.

Some 48% of 1,267 pizzas tested for Cash (Consensus Action on Salt and Health) contained more than the recommended daily intake of 6g of salt, while five contained 16g - the equivalent of seven Big Macs.

Cash said it was disappointed with the findings, which follow a call to action in 2012 after a previous pizza survey and new salt reduction targets set by the Department of Health.

The previous survey found nearly three quarters (73%) of all restaurant and takeaway pizzas contain more than 6g of salt.

Takeaway pizzas including Papa John's Stuffed Crust Sausage and Pepperoni and Domino's Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Passion pizza contain as much as 16g of salt per medium-sized pizza - the equivalent of nearly three teaspoons of salt.

Just one third (38%) of pizzas targeted at children in restaurants met the children's salt target of 1.8g of salt per portion.

Cash found that the majority of pizzas (59%) mentioned in both surveys had either remained the same or increased in salt. It found Sainsbury's Thin and Crispy Cheese and Tomato pizza now has more salt than it did two years ago, at 0.88g per 100g in 2012 compared with 1.3g per 100g now.

Pizza Express, which was highlighted in the 2012 survey for serving saltier pizzas in their restaurants than they sold in supermarkets, had increased the salt content of its supermarket margherita and pepperoni pizzas by as much as 0.3g per 100g.

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