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Half of young drivers 'race satnav'

More than half of young drivers try to race their satnav's estimated journey time, an AA/Populus survey has revealed.

Almost three-quarters of motorists aged 18 to 24 have a satnav and 55% of them say that they put estimated journey times to the test on occasions, the poll showed.

The trend to try to out-smart technology also persists among the 60% of 25 to 34-year-olds who own a satnav, with more than one-third saying that they put the machine's times to the test.

Yorkshire and Humberside is the region where satnav ownership is the highest (58%), and where the most people are satnav racers (18%).

People in Scotland have the lowest numbers of satnavs and are also least likely to try to beat times. Satnav ownership is also low in Northern Ireland and the west of England.

Ownership of a satnav remains above 50% even for drivers aged 65 or more but only 7% of motorists of pensionable age are satnav racers.

AA president Edmund King said: "Human versus machine is evidently a challenge most younger drivers cannot resist, although common sense tells them that getting a clear run is so unlikely on today's UK roads that they build spare time into their journeys.

"For some drivers, 'beat the satnav' has become a potentially deadly game. 'Beat the clock' should stay in the realms of the game show rather than the highway."


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