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Half want vote on EU membership

More than half of the UK population think there should be a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU, according to a new poll.

The campaign group Vote UK out of EU, which is organising its own referenda in the three main leaders' constituencies, has commissioned the research from YouGov.

The poll showed 44% of the public would vote to leave the EU entirely.

The survey also found more than half of the UK population (53%) think the Eurozone countries "should sort out their own mess and not ask Britain to spend any money to help them".

Vote UK out of EU chief executive Jon Gaunt said: "This poll shows that a majority of UK citizens do not believe we should be helping the rest of the EU get themselves out of their financial mess.

"In fact, this poll shows that almost half of the population would just prefer for the UK to be out of the EU altogether.

"This poll also shows that almost two out of three people want a referendum on the EU and demonstrated why it is so important that we should stop asking if we want one and just get on with a straight in/out referendum without delay."

The campaign group is holding three referenda in June this year - in David Cameron's constituency of Witney, Ed Miliband's Doncaster North and Nick Clegg's Sheffield Hallam.

Mr Gaunt said: "In June the Vote UK Out of the EU Campaign will at least give the voters of Witney, Doncaster and Sheffield Hallam the chance to have their say in a referendum on a straight in/out question in the party leaders' own constituencies.

"We urge the prime minister to build on our work and to go further and call a referendum."


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