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Half workers 'do not discuss pay'

Half of workers do not want to discuss their pay with colleagues and many have never asked for a wage rise, a study shows.

A survey of more than 2,000 adults by finance firm Scottish Widows confirmed what a sensitive subject salary continues to be in this country, with one in four not even wanting to talk about their pay to friends.

The reluctance of workers to talk about their pay extends to asking for a wage rise, with fewer than one in four of those questioned saying they had ever approached their boss about an increase.

One in 10 who have never asked for a rise said they were too embarrassed, and a similar number were worried that their employer would refuse.

Men were more likely than women to seek an increase in pay, while younger workers were most likely to look for other ways of earning extra money.

Catherine Stewart, of Scottish Widows, said: "The nation is split when it comes to talking about their salary as it's a sensitive topic."


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