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Hands off our pound, English tell Scots

By Katrine Bussey

More than half of voters in England are opposed to Scotland using the pound if it becomes independent, according to a survey.

Alex Salmond and his Scottish Government have repeatedly insisted that they would agree a currency union with the rest of the UK if there is a 'Yes' vote in next month's referendum.

But 53% of those questioned for the Future of England Survey disagreed with the idea of Scotland continuing to use the pound if it left the UK.

Just under a quarter (23%) were in agreement that an independent Scotland should still use sterling while 15% said they neither agreed or disagreed and 9% did not know.

More than 3,600 people in England were questioned by YouGov as part of the research, which has been undertaken by Cardiff University and the ESRC Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change at Edinburgh University.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie said: "It's not surprising that the majority of people in England don't support a currency union. For us in Scotland it would mean handing over control of our economy to what would be a foreign country."

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