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Happy Ed Balls day - Twitter celebrates fifth anniversary of name search gaffe

It's been five years since Ed Balls made his now infamous Twitter gaffe - and people are still as amused.

On April 28, 2011, Ed Balls who was shadow chancellor at the time, tweeted his name by accident.

The story goes that Mr Balls was in Asda when he was told to search Twitter for articles mentioning his name but instead, he tweeted his own name at 4.20pm in error.

And, naturally, Twitter took hold and it has become Ed Balls day.


Now, annually social media awaits to see if Ed himself will mark the day and grace Twitter with an acknowledgment of the day in his name, as he has done before.

#EdBallsDay is currently trending across the UK and has had more than 20,000 tweets with people talking about it.

And he didn't disappoint as he baked a cake to mark the milestone.


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