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Harry 'may buy budgie smugglers'

Prince Charles suspects his youngest son is enjoying his time in Australia so much that he might have invested in a pair of "budgie smugglers" by now.

After nearly four weeks with the Australian armed forces, Prince Harry would have settled in to the country's way of life by adopting the tight Speedo-style swimwear favoured by Aussies, his father joked.

Prince Charles added that "my old Harry" will be having a happy time because of the country's fondness for "wrangers", a light-hearted expression for a redhead.

Speaking as he opened the Indigenous Australia Exhibition at the British Museum in London, he said: "Incidentally, my younger son, Harry, has in recent weeks gone walkabout with the Australian Army alongside Aboriginal soldiers who patrol, if you can believe it, nearly 700,000 square miles of land in the Northern Territory and in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

"I suspect my old Harry is pretty well acclimatised by now and will probably be eating Lamingtons, Vegemite sandwiches, iced Vo-vo's and violet crumble bars - and may even be threatening to buy a pair of 'budgie smugglers'.

"Whatever the case Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sure he'll be happy down under because of the Aussies' fondness for 'wrangers'.

The prince, a captain in the Army, is coming to the end of a four-week attachment with the country's armed forces before he leaves the British military in June after 10 years' service.

Next month he will begin an official tour of New Zealand.


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