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Hear children's voices says charity

A charity has called for the voices of disadvantaged youngsters to be put "at the heart of the drive to end child poverty".

Save the Children published a report which gave children from some of the poorest communities in the UK the opportunity to speak out about their lives.

The publication, titled Telling It Like It Is, reveals the reality of growing up in poverty and looks at the impact of low family incomes and poor housing and neighbourhoods.

It follows research from the OECD which found that UK children are the least likely to be able to escape deprivation compared with those in other rich countries.

Sam, 11, from Leicester, described how his father struggles to afford enough food for his family.

"We have to save up what we've got, you know, like food-wise. And sometimes I don't even get lunch," he said.

The report concluded that children have "a valuable contribution" to make in the decision-making that affects their lives.

It stated: "Save the Children would like to see local and national government place the voices of disadvantaged children at the heart of the drive to end child poverty, in line with its obligations under Article 12 of the UN Convention (On the Rights of the Child).

"The insights they have and the passion they show reinforces our conviction that all children have a valuable contribution to make in all decisions that affect their lives, that no child should ever endure poverty, and that with the right support and opportunities, every child can achieve great things."

The report was produced alongside a BBC One documentary which followed the lives of four children hit by poverty. Poor Kids will be screened tonight at 10.35pm.


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