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Heathrow third runway to be opposed by ‘majority’ of London MPs

A parliamentary vote is set to be held in winter 2017/18.

More than half of London’s MPs are likely to oppose a third runway at Heathrow, according to a group opposed to the airport’s expansion.

Hacan claimed that 31 of the capital’s 73 MPs are “known opponents” of the project, such as Zac Goldsmith, Boris Johnson and Vince Cable.

John Stewart, Hacan chairman, said: “Once the views of all London’s MPs are known, it is highly likely that a majority will be opposed to Heathrow expansion.

“Of themselves they may not stop it, but they could act as a very awkward bloc to a new runway ever seeing the light of day, particularly given the fact that the new Government doesn’t have a majority of seats in Parliament.”

A public consultation on a new runway closed shortly before the election and a parliamentary vote is set to be held in winter 2017/18.

But Rob Barnstone, coordinator for Stop Heathrow Expansion, the group representing residents opposed to the project, claimed the failure of the Conservatives to win a majority in the Commons has created less certainty on issues including the third runway at Heathrow.

He said: “The Government were relying on a large parliamentary majority, including many new and loyal backbenchers, to push through a third runway.

“Now that Theresa May’s gamble has rendered her anything but a conquering hero, the future of the project looks much less certain and potentially in jeopardy.”


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