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Heavy rain prompts flood warnings

Parts of England and Wales are at risk of flooding because of heavy rainfall, the Environment Agency has warned.

Areas of South Wales and Devon and Cornwall could be affected by rain expected between Wednesday and the weekend.

Fields, roads and homes could be left under water as the ground is saturated due to last month's heavy snow thawing and recent rain.

An EA spokesman said: "Rivers are currently reacting to overnight rainfall and levels are relatively high.

"With further rain forecast tonight and tomorrow, and the ground approaching saturation point, further flood alerts and flood warnings may be issued across Wales and South West England.

"Environment Agency staff are on 24-hour alert and teams are monitoring river levels, checking flood defences and clearing river blockages."

Advisories have been issued until Friday with the possibility of further heavy rain into the weekend.

The public are being encouraged to keep an eye on the latest forecasts in their area.

Lindsay Dovey, of Meteogroup the weather division of the Press Association, said: "The amount of rainfall is certainly more than we have had in a while, especially going into the next few days.

"There will be constant rain over the next couple of days in the west, with south-westerly winds affecting coastal areas."


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