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'Help find Jo's killer' say family

The heartbroken parents of murdered Joanna Yeates said their daughter's killer had robbed her of a future as a wife and mother as they made another heartfelt plea for information.

David Yeates, 63, his wife Theresa, 58, and elder brother Chris said they were caught in a "vacuum" until they can lay her to rest.

And they spoke of the daily trauma they have been forced to endure since their happy, carefree daughter was cruelly snatched from them three weeks ago and her strangled body dumped in a country lane near Bristol "like a piece of garbage".

In a poignant statement the Yeates family spoke of their "terrible loss and sadness" and said they still haven't come to terms with the fact that they will never see her again. They said the 25-year-old's two-year relationship with her boyfriend Greg Reardon, 27, was "probably one of the happiest periods of her life".

They added: "We are currently living in a vacuum until we can put Jo to rest. Our days appear to go past very quickly even though in retrospect we don't do very much apart from talking and reading the cards and letters which are delivered that day. When our eyes get damp from what we have read, we remind ourselves of how happy Jo was immediately prior to her death, and of the happy times we had when we were a family of four."

On Friday night detectives re-traced the steps Miss Yeates took three weeks ago as she made her way home from a Christmas drink with work colleagues at a pub in Bristol city centre to the flat she shared with Mr Reardon in Canynge Road, Clifton, Bristol.

Police said they had several new leads to follow up after speaking to more than 200 people who may have seen the blonde landscape architect on the evening of December 17.

They spoke to customers in the Ram pub, talked to people in the streets close to her ground floor flat and stopped cars where her body was found. in Longwood Lane, Failand, North Somerset.

Miss Yeate's family said Christmas would never be the same again after her body was found on December 25.

"Christmas was her favourite time of the year. We think she enjoyed receiving presents just as much as giving," they said in the statement released by Avon and Somerset Police. "It was heartbreaking being in her flat, with her missing, and seeing her Christmas tree with a little pile of presents next to it all wrapped by her, with the feeling that we would probably not see her alive again,"


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