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Herd of horses seen trotting down residential street

The horses were filmed trotting down the road in Londonderry.


Residents in Londonderry were in shock after a number of escaped horses galloped through a housing estate on Tuesday night.

At around 1130pm, approximately 30 horses escaped from their field and ran through the densely populated Ballymore Park area in Creggan.

One local said his wife alerted him to the horses after she heard loud galloping outside the window.

“The wife heard them and told me to look out to see what it was, that’s when I went out, it was some surprise to be fair – couldn’t believe it,” he said.

“They ran into the street and back out again, and straight back up the back roads where I think they came from.

“I seen that a few cars had to stop up the road when they saw the horses coming, but I didn’t hear if there was any damage.

“Everyone’s talking about it today, I keep getting messages about it, it’s hard to get any work done -I feel like the horse whisperer.”

Videos circulated on social media throughout the night of the escapees galloping through the streets, much to the shock of local residents.

A Police Service Northern Ireland spokesman said: “We received a report that a number of horses were on the loose near the Ballymore Park area of Derry/Londonderry at around 11.30 pm on Monday, 27th May.

“Officers spoke to the owner and the horses were returned to a field.”



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