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Here is the 999 call Stephen Searle made shortly after killing his wife

Searle was convicted at Ipswich Crown Court of murdering Anne, his wife of 45 years.

Suffolk Police head quarters in Ipswich (PA)
Suffolk Police head quarters in Ipswich (PA)

Stephen Searle, 64, was found guilty on Tuesday of murdering his wife, Anne, in Stowmarket on December 30 last year.

Here is a transcript of the 999 call which took place between the former Ukip councillor and a Suffolk Police call handler at 10.20 that night.

Call handler: “Hello, can you hear me?

Searle: “Yeah, I can hear you, can you hear me?”

CH: “Yep.”

S: “I’ve er… just killed my wife”

CH:”You’ve just killed your wife.”

S: “Yeah.”

CH: “Okay.”

Screengrab from 999 call with Stephen Searle (Suffolk Police/PA)

S: “Bit different for you tonight I expect…Happy New Year.”

CH: “…and how have you killed her?”

S: “Erm… suffocation really, I guess. Bit of a bizarre situation but you know… nevermind.

CH: “Okay, is it just the two of you in the house?”

(Screengrab of call to Suffolk Police/PA)

S: “Er… well just the one of us now.”

CH: “Right, okay.”

S: “Well two… if you like.”

CH: “Okay, is there any other sort of issues that the officers need to be aware of when they come into the house? Is there anything dangerous?”

S: “Erm, not really. I’m not violent, I’m not nothing.”

CH: “Stephen, can I just get you to go and answer the door? I believe we should have some officers there. Are you able to just go and speak to them?”

S: “Okay, they’re here now, are they?”

CH: “They should be there.”

S: “Alright, I’m on me way.”

CH: “Okay.”

S: “I’m on me way as we speak…ah, hello buddies! How are you, alright?”

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