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Hero Army medic gets Military Cross

An Army medic who put herself in "mortal danger" when she ignored heavy Taliban fire to treat a wounded Afghan soldier has been awarded the Military Cross.

Lance Corporal Kylie Watson gave the medical care in exposed open ground for 20 minutes before helping to evacuate the stricken man. On another occasion, she made a 100-metre dash in full view of the enemy under sustained fire to deliver life-saving first aid to an Afghan soldier who had been shot twice in the pelvis.

Lance Corporal Watson, of the Royal Army Medical Corps, stemmed his bleeding despite being hampered by other Afghan troops and got the injured man to a helicopter landing site 200 metres away.

Her citation said: "Watson's immense courage, willingness to put her own life at risk and absolute bravery saved the life of one warrior and acted as an inspiration to her platoon and their Afghan National Army partners."

Meanwhile, a Royal Marine has been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross after he picked up and threw back an enemy grenade before lying on a comrade to shield him from the blast.

Marine Mark Jackson was on look-out duty at a remote patrol base in Afghanistan's Helmand Province on August 24 last year when he heard a metallic thud and saw a cylindrical object rolling towards the feet of a fellow sentry.

Immediately realising it was a home-made grenade, he grabbed it and threw it back before leaping on his comrade to protect him.

His medal citation said: "Improvised grenades such as these are notoriously volatile and this one could have detonated at any moment.

"Jackson was well aware of the risk, his only thought was for the life of his comrade who, had he hesitated for one moment, would have been killed."

Lance Corporal Watson and Marine Jackson are among 136 servicemen and women - most of whom served with the 4th Mechanised Brigade in Afghanistan between April and October last year - named in the latest military honours list. They will be presented with their awards at a later date.


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