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Hillary Clinton hopes the 'Pantsuit Nation' will fashion White House win

Supporters of Hillary Clinton have turned out at polling stations in style, branding themselves the "Pantsuit Nation" in honour of the White House hopeful's trademark trouser suits.

The Democratic nominee thanked members of the group as voters posted pictures of themselves on Twitter using the hashtag #pantsuitnation to show off their sartorial support.

In a message to members of the Pantsuit Nation Facebook group, Mrs Clinton said she hoped they would be wearing the outfits in celebration after the votes had been counted.

She said the group provided a special place for supporters to build a community.

She said that "for some of you, it's been difficult to feel like you could wear your support on your sleeve".

The Democratic presidential nominee said she hoped she would win the presidential contest. If she does, she said she wants "to use those pantsuits for the best occasion of all - celebrating".


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