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Holidaymaker records moment tree crashes through villa window during Ibiza storm

Emma Deeley was visiting the Spanish island for her 50th birthday, alongside her three sisters and mother.

The tree hit the villa in Ibiza (Emma Deeley)
The tree hit the villa in Ibiza (Emma Deeley)

By Edd Dracott and Megan Baynes, PA

A holidaymaker recorded the moment a tree came crashing through her villa window during severe storms in Ibiza, sending shards of glass flying across the room.

Emma Deeley, who runs a wedding venue with her husband in the village of Launton, Oxfordshire, are visiting Ibiza for her 50th birthday, alongside her three sisters and mother.

She told the PA news agency: “My sister was going to go outside and save a pink flamingo blow-up pool toy from blowing over the balcony but suddenly the wind and rain became really intense.

“The visibility outside became minimal and chairs and tables on the terrace were blowing everywhere.

“Pool water started swirling and we shut the doors to the terrace.

“Then the rain intensified and as I filmed through a window on the left, just to the side of me on the right, a tree came crashing through the window, sending huge shards of glass across the entire lounge and kitchen.

“The power was lost, everything went dark and rain was pouring through the opening in the room.

“We were really frightened. Hearing the crash of the tree and the glass flying everywhere was terrifying.

“For seconds, we did not know what was happening.”

Mrs Deeley’s sister ended up with glass in her foot and they had to call a neighbour for help.

They have now been moved to another villa and are hoping to continue enjoying the rest of their week abroad.

Severe storms hit Ibiza on Tuesday, causing a wave of destruction and putting paid to many holidaymakers’ plans.

Many reported that the heavy rain and buffeting winds on the Spanish island were a tornado.

The Met Office could not say for certain that this was the case, but added that atmospheric conditions were conducive for one to form.



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