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Hospital 'miracle' for shot Malala

The father of shot teenager Malala Yousufzai said that the decision for his daughter to be flown to the UK and treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital was a "miracle" and vowed that she would "rise again".

Ziauddin Yousufzai thanked doctors and staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham for the treatment his 15-year-old daughter had received.

He was speaking after he and his wife Toorpekai and their two sons, Atal Khan, eight, and Khushal Khan, 12, flew to the UK to be with Malala, who is being treated at the specialist hospital after being shot and wounded by a Taliban gunman earlier this month in north-west Pakistan.

Malala was travelling home from school with two classmates when she was shot, believed to be at point-blank range, and the bullet which hit her just above the back of her left eye came within inches of killing her.

It travelled down through the side of her jaw, damaging her skull and jaw joint on the left hand side, and went through her neck and lodged in the tissues above her shoulder blade.

Speaking to journalists at the hospital, Mr Yousufzai's voice shook as he described his daughter's condition immediately following the shooting on October 9.

He said: "The very day I saw my daughter, and the next day when she was operated on, her whole body was swollen and she was in very bad condition."

Mr Yousufzai, who was accompanied by Malala's brother Khushal at the briefing, said he was advised that he should make arrangements for his daughter's funeral.

Describing the decision for his daughter to be flown to the UK and treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham as a "miracle" for him and his family, Mr Yousufzai said: "The person who attacked her wanted to kill her, but she fell temporarily. She will rise again and she can stand now. But when she fell, Pakistan stood and the world rose. This is a turning point."

Malala was flown to the UK for treatment at the specialist hospital last week following treatment in Pakistan.


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