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'Hot-blooded' Tory MP Swayne wades into French burkini row

By David Hughes

A senoir Tory MP has waded into the controversy about burkinis by declaring that as a "hot-blooded male" he can appreciate a bikini-clad body, but there was something "attractive, alluring, even sensual" about concealment.

Sir Desmond Swayne said people should feel free to "show off as little or as much as they like" in response to a constituent's concern about the burkini row in France.

The New Forest West MP said that he had received an "outraged email" from a constituent who was "disgusted" that the burkini ban had been overturned by a French court.

Sir Desmond wrote on his website: "Like any hot-blooded male however, I appreciate beauty, which can sometimes be enhanced by a bikini. Equally, often there can be something quite attractive, alluring, even sensual, about concealment. It leaves more to the imagination.

"Whilst there are of course exceptions, as a general rule, most of us look far better with all our clothes on."

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