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HSBC internet banking down: Bank advises users to head to mobile app instead

HSBC's internet banking service is broken, leaving many people unable to check their balance or make payments.

The bank has said that its site is experiencing issues. It told users to instead try the mobile app, which is reportedly working.

The problems have been ongoing for days, with service temporarily being restored before breaking again.

Users who head to the website find themselves unable to log on. Other serivces are running much more slowly than normal, the bank said.

The bank announced last night that service had been restored. But then it posted an update saying that there were in fact continuing issues, and that it would look to restore service soon.

The account has spent much of the time since the outage repying to angered customers, who are unable to access their accounts. Affected users are being advised to call HSBC's phone number to get access to services, though some have complained that they are unable to get through.

HSBC was hit by problems in August, when issues with payments meant that many people didn't receive their pay.


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