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'Human CCTV' police officer arrests 130 suspects inone year

Community support officer Andy Pope has been hailed the human CCTV for his extraordinary ability to remember the faces of suspects - so much so that he has helped to arrest 130 suspects in the past 12 months.

Andy studies CCTV footage stills before going on his beat in Birmingham and his unusual approach has clearly paid off as it has led to the conviction of violent criminals, thieves and even sex offenders.

In one case, Andy, of Redditch in Worcestershire, recognised the face of a man behind a series of vicious robberies a whole year after an image of him was shown on Crimewatch.

"I walked past a man and I thought, 'I know that face'. I started chatting to him, took his details and later we made the arrest," Andy told The Sun.

The talented CSO's skills have earned the respect of his peers and superiors. "Andy has an astonishing ability in facial recognition and, as a result, numerous prolific offenders have been brought to justice," said Inspector Gareth Morris of West Midlands Police.

Andy is now going to get an award for his efforts - police staff member of the year.

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