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Human waste 'is to blame for seagulls aggression'

By Rod Minchin

Gulls are not to blame for stealing food and being aggressive - it is the fault of humans, according to scientists.

From swooping down and stealing pasties, sandwiches, ice creams and takeaways to attacking people and small pets, gulls are fast becoming a nuisance.

But Luke Edwyn Marsh - a marine ecologist and lecturer at Falmouth Marine School, who has been studying the birds for some years, and is currently investigating the problem - said: "We put our bins out too early just in thin black bin bags, we throw food on the floor, and on a Saturday night someone will drop their kebab and think nothing of it.

"We are creating the problem and encouraging their behaviour by making an easy food resource available to them - we then demonise the animal for making use of our waste or being aggressive when protecting their nest sites we've built them on our flat-roofed buildings.

"We need to do a lot more research and then we can come up with an appropriate answer based on thorough scientific research."

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