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Humza Yousaf hits back at George Galloway’s ‘race-baiting’ comments

Mr Galloway tweeted ‘You’re not a Celt like me’.


George Galloway posted the comments on Twitter (Chris Radburn/PA)

George Galloway posted the comments on Twitter (Chris Radburn/PA)

George Galloway posted the comments on Twitter (Chris Radburn/PA)

Scotland’s Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf has said voters will show George Galloway the cat flap in May after the former MP posted a “race-baiting” tweet.

Mr Yousaf thanked people for their solidarity after Mr Galloway tweeted: “You’re not a Celt like me.”

Mr Galloway drew criticism on social media after he posted a message on Twitter which appeared to be directed at Mr Yousaf.

He tweeted: “Well #Humza you’re not more Scottish than me. You’re not a Celt like me. You’re not working-class like me.

“You didn’t go to a state school like me. You’re not more socialist than me. So stop pretending. You’re a poseur. @Alliance4Unity”

Mr Galloway opposes Scottish independence and has founded the Alliance 4 Unity party, hoping to win seats at the Holyrood election.

Mr Yousaf hit back at Mr Galloway’s comments, with a nod to the former MP’s appearance in Celebrity Big Brother in 2006 when he imitated a cat by crawling on all fours, purring and pretending to lick cream from the hands of actress Rula Lenska as part of a task, while she stroked his head.

The Justice Secretary tweeted: “You haven’t managed to ever get elected to the Scottish Parliament like me.

“And I suspect the voters of Scotland will show you the cat flap again come May 6.

“When you are shown the door, please take your race-baiting ‘You’re not a Celt like me’ mince with you.”

He added: “Thank you for all the solidarity folks, Galloway isn’t the first race-baiter nor the last that I will encounter.

“The people of Scotland will give him the boot, let’s not give the desperate attention seeker any more of the oxygen of publicity he craves. ”

Mr Galloway later tweeted: “As the father of five mixed-race children I treat #Humza’s accusation that I’m a racist with contempt.”

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