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I'll cut crime and costs - Met boss

Scotland Yard's new chief has delivered a mission statement for his force, promising to cut crime and slash costs with "humility, transparency and integrity".

Bernard Hogan-Howe said he had promised to make the Metropolitan Police the best force in the world as he detailed his aims to officers.

In an internal video message, the 53-year-old said: "As Commissioner, I will have three simple aims: I want us to cut crime, cut costs, and continue to develop the culture of the organisation - our diversity and the way we relate to each other - and to do all that based on simple but important values of humility, transparency and integrity."

Mr Hogan-Howe said he is proud and honoured at being chosen to "lead you and this great organisation" as he set out his targets for a "war on crime".

"During my interview for this job I made a promise," he said. "I told those responsible for selecting me that I want to make the Met the best police service in the UK, and the best police service in the world too.

"This is the best objective we could possibly set ourselves. Whatever we do, we can always do it better. My aim is to lead an organisation that looks constantly to improve itself at all levels, from me right through to those on the ground.

"It is my intention to build on public trust in the MPS and lead a service that criminals will fear, and staff will be proud to work for."

The ex-Merseyside chief, who takes over the £260,000-a-year post left vacant by Sir Paul Stephenson's resignation over the phone hacking scandal, said he wanted the force "to do what I call total policing".

"Some of you might recognise that phrase from my time in Merseyside. For those of you that don't, what I'm talking about is a war on crime.

"No tactic - if it works - will be considered out of bounds. If it's legal, ethical, and done in good faith, I'm prepared to consider it."


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