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Illegal drugs on streets stronger than ever: report

By Hayden Smith

Drugs including cocaine and ecstasy are being sold at unprecedented levels of purity in the UK, a new report warns.

Class A substances have seen sharp increases in strength as dealing gangs compete for customers, experts found.

The study also indicates that Spice - which mimics the effects of cannabis - has emerged as a street drug alongside heroin and crack after it was targeted by new laws on so-called "legal highs" last year.

Online information service DrugWise carried out a survey to build a snapshot of the street drug market in the UK.

It concluded that purity levels for heroin, crack, powder cocaine and ecstasy are unprecedented.

The report identified a two-tier market in cocaine with prices of around £30 to £40 a gram at "pub dust" purity of roughly 40% ranging up to £80 for purity in excess of 70%.

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