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I'm all over the place: How Boris Johnson changed his mind

"The trouble is, I am not an 'outer'."

January 2016

"You have got a supreme judicial body in the European Court of Justice that projects down on this 500 million-people territory a single unified judicial order from which there is no recourse. In my view, that has been getting out of control. There is too much judicial activism, there is too much legislation coming from the EU."


"There would be several disadvantages [to leaving]. First, we wouldn't be able to stick up for what we believe in. Secondly, we would face some penalties."

August 2015

"I now think [the EU] is in real danger of getting out of proper democratic control."


"Leaving would cause at least some business uncertainty, while embroiling the Government for several years in a fiddly process of negotiating new arrangements, so diverting energy from the real problems of this country - low skills, low social mobility, low investment etc - that have nothing to do with Europe."

February 2016

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