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In Pictures: Aptly sunny day for Easter Sunday

Easter Saturday was the warmest day of the year so far, with temperatures hitting 25.5C (77.9F) in Hampshire.

Punts heading through Westgate Gardens in Canterbury, Kent (Gareth Fuller/PA)
Punts heading through Westgate Gardens in Canterbury, Kent (Gareth Fuller/PA)

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have each enjoyed their warmest Easter Sunday on record, the Met Office said.

(Aaron Chown/PA)

Temperatures reached 23C (73.4F) in Trawsgoed, Wales, 22.8C (73.04F) in Edinburgh, Scotland, and 20.7C (69.26F) in Helen’s Bay, Northern Ireland.

(Aaron Chown/PA)

Wiggonholt in West Sussex, recorded the highest temperature in England so far, with a figure of 24.3C. But that is still below the top Easter Sunday temperature from 2011, when the mercury reached 25.3C in the Solent.

(Aaron Chown/PA)
The Queen spent a few moments in the sun outside St George’s Chapel in Windsor after an Easter Sunday service (Eamonn McCormack/PA)
Lighthouse attendant Chris Moore cleans the glass on the outside of the lantern room at Happisburgh Lighthouse in Norfolk (Joe Giddens/PA)
People sunbathe on Swansea Bay beach (Sophie Hogan/PA)
People enjoy the sunshine by the river Thames in Windsor (PA)

Meanwhile, firefighters spent the day battling moor fires in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

(Danny Lawson/PA)

A helicopter was brought in to drop tonnes of water onto the smouldering moorland just to the south of the town.

(Danny Lawson/PA)

Police and Bradford Council warned the public to stay away from the area as firefighting operations continued.

(Danny Lawson/PA)



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