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In Pictures: Otter-ly adorable health check at Chester Zoo

The Asian short-clawed otter pups were weighed and microchipped by keepers.

Five baby otters have had their first health check-up at Chester Zoo.

The Asian short-clawed otter pups, born to parents Annie and Wallace, were weighed and microchipped by keeper Hannah Sievewright.

Otters check-up
Otters check-up
  • Mum Annie was born on September 5 2014
  • Dad Wallace was born on Jan 31 2013
  • The species is sometimes referred to as the Oriental small-clawed otter or small-clawed otter
  • They have short but flexible, sensitive claws, useful for digging, climbing and also for grabbing and holding on to prey
  • They are the smallest of the otters and in the wild live in small groups across Asia from India and Nepal to the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
  • They mainly eat crabs, fish and other water creatures
Otters check-up


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