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In Video: Watch as a Coastguard winchman is battered by waves during rescue

Two men were clinging to rocks off Hartland Point, Devon.

Dramatic footage shows the moment a Coastguard winchman was battered by 6ft waves as he rescued two young men.

A 999 call was made to HM Coastguard reporting the men clinging to rocks off Hartland Point, Devon.

The rough seas made it impossible for a lifeboat to reach the scene so the Coastguard helicopter was sent out.

HM Coastguard helicopter chief pilot Olly Padbury said: “This was a challenging rescue where we only had seconds to spare.

“As we manoeuvred our winchman towards the two casualties on the rock, he was hit by a large unsighted wave.

“Recovering quickly, he was able to place the strop over the first casualty and he was winched onboard.

“Once he was safely inside we dropped the winch down again and we were able to pull the winchman and the second casualty up in seconds.”

Both men were airlifted to safety and despite their ordeal required no medical attention.


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