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Inquest into heart attack death

An inquest is to be held into the death of a marketing manager from a heart attack after a paramedic refused to administer drugs.

The family of Grahame Giles, 61, was not told that Brian Jewers who worked for the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) was struck off following the incident in 2008.

His widow Marion, now 66, and from Warkworth, Northumberland, was only informed about what happened following an investigation by Sky News.

She was unaware that Mr Jewers had refused to administer drugs and that doctors believed her husband may have otherwise survived.

She was also not told that a hearing of the Health Professions Council (HPC) had been held and that Mr Jewers had been struck off.

The HPC was told the paramedic refused a doctor's instruction over the phone to give the clot-busting treatment as he said he had not passed his final exam in administering the drug.

The North Northumberland Coroner, Tony Brown, agreed to hold an inquest into Mr Giles's death when the issue came to light in 2011.

His predecessor did not order that an inquest should be held because he was not aware of all the facts of the case.

When the issue came to light, Mrs Giles, a grandmother, said: "It's criminal really, that all this went on, hidden, and they didn't have the guts to tell me and to be honest about what had happened. It's left me horrified to think that I'd put my trust in medical staff and now it's made me feel they've let me down, they haven't told me the truth and it's very hurtful.''

A Department of Health spokesman said at the time it was "completely unacceptable for relatives not to be informed when a mistake, error or unprofessional behaviour has caused serious harm to a loved one".


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