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Inspirational Ann Maguire 'family rock and matriarch of the school'

By Dave Higgens

Ann Maguire has been remembered as an inspirational teacher to generations of children and the "rock" at the centre of her close family.

Her violent death in April was a national event - the senseless killing of someone who seemed to stand for all that is good about teachers and the teaching profession.

Mrs Maguire believed passionately in cultivating aspiration. At her memorial service in September, her daughter Kerry told crowds gathered outside: "One of Ann's life principles as a teacher was 'you can never put a limit on a child's potential'.''

At the same service a film was shown in which pupils were asked to use one word to describe Mrs Maguire. They said she was "perfect'', "passionate'', "fantastic'', "amazing'' and "warm''.

"She was very special," Don Maguire, Ann's husband of 37 years, said.

"She was the mainstay of our family. She was the centre of our family.

"If she had a choice she would be with us here and now and she would love the situation where we're all together." Mike Woods, who was headmaster of Corpus Christi between 1998 and 2012, said: "She was truly a wonderful person.

"Ann was a priceless gift, a treasure for ever in our hearts for eternity. She believed in the innate goodness of children and young people. Ann rightly lived up to the accolade of mother of the school.''

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