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Irish bar in England causes outrage after 'refusing customers wearing poppies' on Remembrance Sunday

Suffering symbol: the poppy
Suffering symbol: the poppy

An Irish bar in England was on the receiving end of an angry backlash after its staff reportedly refused customers wearing poppies at the weekend.

Bar 32 in Luton then took to Facebook claiming that the poppy was a "terrorist" symbol and saying that those offended should "grow up".

At the weekend customers of Bar 32 reported being told to leave if they would not remove their poppies.

Hundreds of customers have since vowed to boycott the pub whose owners are believed to be staunch Irish republicans, reports the Daily Mail.

A post on the bar's official Facebook page read: "Ha ha if I offended people tonight (good) for wearing the flower of (terrorist) these young (EDL) lads/kids have to learn grow up' [sic].

"Where else you going to get a drink after 2am there still a few of us left in Luton from the wee North good luck Mo Chara's ["my friends" in Irish] please share".

One patron who said he was told to leave the venue insisted that he would never return to the pub.

He told CitiBlog Luton: "It was disgusting behaviour from the owner, to be told to remove my poppy or leave, I happily walked out and I’ll never be going back into that dump."

Another wrote on their Facebook page: "Pardon me, but when was the poppy a flower of terrorists? People from the Irish Republic are honoured as well by the poppy for their sacrifices."

The Facebook page appears to have since been closed.

Bar 32 has not responded to a request for comment.

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