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Irish going to UK for 'miracle' drink problem pellet

By Mark O'Regan

Irish people with serious alcohol problems are travelling to the UK to get fitted with a costly 'drink pellet', which blocks the buzz they get from alcohol.

The pellets are inserted into their lower abdomen and cost around £850 - although the effect wears off after just three months.

The revolutionary pellets will be on sale in the Republic for the first time next month.

The treatment works by releasing a controlled amount of the drug Naltrexone into the bloodstream, suppressing the 'high' heavy drinkers get from alcohol.

Brendan Quinn, commercial director of the The Abstinence Centre in London, said typical patients from Ireland include CEOs and young professionals.

"We have quite a lot of people travelling over from Ireland," he said.

"But this treatment should be seen as a spoke in the wheel - and not viewed as a cure," he warned. He said the implant has a success rate of between 30% and 40% in treating alcohol addiction.

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