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Is this worst attempt at hiding from police you’ll ever see?

Oh dear, he really didn’t think this one through.


(Teamjackson/Getty Images)

(Teamjackson/Getty Images)

(Teamjackson/Getty Images)

When you were a kid playing hide and seek, one of your best bets was undoubtedly sliding underneath your bed and hoping that no-one found you.

However, this tactic doesn’t work quite so well if you’re a fully grown adult hiding from the police.

A male in Calderdale who was wanted by Police decided to try hide this morning when they went to his property looking…

Posted by West Yorkshire Police – Halifax on Thursday, June 29, 2017

West Yorkshire Police in Halifax posted this picture of a man hiding from the authorities on Facebook. Unfortunately, being slightly taller than a child meant that his legs didn’t quite fit underneath the bed like they once might have done.

This meant that his dastardly plan didn’t quite go as he anticipated, and it wasn’t exactly the hardest job in the world for the police to find him.

Many people on Facebook were wondering if he was operating under the classic “you can’t see me if I can’t see you” rule. When you were younger this was a pretty flawless school of thought, but it’s not really going to fly nowadays.

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The police wrote: “You will not be surprised to find out that yes we did find him – he will not be winning any awards for hide and seek champion soon!”

Ah well. Better luck next time.

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