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IS threat to David Cameron in film of Paris terrorists


Prime Minister David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron

AFP/Getty Images

Prime Minister David Cameron

Islamic State has released horrifying footage of the Paris terrorists preparing for the attacks which left 130 people dead.

David Cameron is threatened in the video, in which IS vows to attack the UK for airstrikes in Syria.

Images of the Prime Minister and Commons speaker John Bercow appear in the 17-minute broadcast posted online by the terror group.

The video appears to feature scenes of the terrorists behind the Paris attacks, including Bilal Hadfi and Samy Amimour, but has only now been published.

Mr Bercow's face appears on screen with a crosshair superimposed over him.

After images of London flash up, footage of the PM appears with a message warning that non-believers will be targeted.

The terror spree last November left 130 dead as IS killers rampaged across the French capital.

Suicide bomber Hadfi was one of three who attacked the Stade de France, and was believed to have fought with IS in Syria.

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