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It's finger-licking good for TV host Susanna Reid

By Eleanor Bley-Griffiths

Perhaps Susanna Reid has been taking tips from famously-flirtatious TV chef Nigella Lawson about how to eat food on camera - as she suggestively licked Angel Delight from her fingers during yesterday's show.

In a segment on retro foods, the Good Morning Britain presenter realised she had not been provided with a spoon, and sent social media into overdrive after dipping a little finger into the bowl of butterscotch-flavoured Angel Delight and licking it off. She told viewers: "You know what, I wasn't given a spoon, but I find with Angel Delight you can just use your finger." She added: "Mmmm that's good. That's sweet."

The internet reacted accordingly, with viewers sharing pictures and clips of the moment.

The 44-year-old has previously dismissed criticism of her flirty interview technique with male interviewees including David Beckham and David Cameron.

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