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Jail house for man who faked his own death

The simple purchase of an Elvis CD unravelled an elaborate plot to defraud an insurance company of more than £850,000 by a man who faked his own death.

Hugo Jose Sanchez, 57, who worked for music retailer HMV, took out life insurance policies and ran up huge credit cards debts before getting his wife to tell his employers that he had died of a heart-attack while on holiday in his native Ecuador.

But when a friend of Sanchez’s used an HMV discount card to buy an Elvis CD, the police were called in and checking the death certificate provided by wife Sophie, it was found to be covered in the ‘dead’ man’s fingerprints.

The couple then fled from their home in Surrey to Australia on false passports but after Sophie returned for her sister’s wedding, she was caught and jailed for two years in 2010.

Officers had to wait until extradition proceedings could bring her husband back however, and yesterday, at Oxford Crown Court, he was jailed for five years.

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