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James Corden pledges support to Irish woman live-tweeting her abortion journey to the UK

James Corden has offered words of support to an Irish woman who is documenting her experience travelling to the UK for an abortion via live Twitter updates.

The woman, who is travelling to Manchester for the procedure, is accompanied by a second female who is helping her operate the Twitter account two women travel.

They left Ireland at about dawn on Saturday morning, and have been updating the journey since then.

Corden is among hundreds who have pledged their support to the woman, and took to his Twitter account to connect with her.

"Today, @TwoWomenTravel but you're not on your own in this. So many people are with you," he wrote.

The women described their mission: “Two women, one procedure, 48 hours away from home.”

In one of their first tweets, they tagged Taoiseach Enda Kenny and thanked him for forcing them to "hit the road".

The women declined to comment further when contacted by but did say that "Tweeting photos of our journey is the most painless way of conveying our message of solidarity, and outrage (at the situation)."

Neither of the women's identities have been released thus far, but they have confirmed that they are both "well over" 18.

Source Irish Independent


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