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Janet Brown case: New DNA clue to murder 20 years on

By Richard Vernalls

New DNA evidence could hold the key to solving the brutal 20-year-old murder of a mother-of-three, say police.

Janet Brown had been gagged with packing tape, and her arms handcuffed behind her before she was savagely beaten about the head at home in Buckinghamshire on April 10, 1995.

On the anniversary of her death detectives have revealed the possible breakthrough, as her daughters made an emotional appeal to the public for help in tracing the "kind and loving" nurse's killer.

Roxanne and Zara Brown said the horror of their mother's death "stays with us every day".

"She was attacked and killed in our family home - a place where we should all be safe."

The women, aged 18 and 23 at the time, also said they believed their mother's death had been pre-planned.

Mrs Brown, a primary care nurse, had been home alone that night as her daughters and son Benedict, then 21, had gone out.

The following day, the 51-year-old nurse's naked body was found at the foot of the stairs.

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