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Jeanette Winterson under fire for sharing pictures of a rabbit she killed, skinned and cooked on Twitter

Author tweeted “Rabbit ate my parsley. I am eating the rabbit.”

Ella Alexander

Jeanette Winterson caused a Twitter row after she ate the rabbit who ate her parsley.

The author – who was a vegetarian for nine years – posted a somewhat graphic picture of a carcass on her kitchen counter, with the caption: “Rabbit ate my parsley. I am eating the rabbit.”

She proceeded to share pictures of the rabbit being “washed and jointed for the pot”, before being cooked on the AGA with rosemary and thyme.

Next came two shots of her cat eating the entrails.

“For all the Tweeters who said my cat would prefer Whiskers [sic] (where do u think pet food comes from BTW?)” she wrote.

The images shocked followers, one of whom wrote:  “Before I unfollow you, you make me sick. I will never again read a word you write. Rest in peace, little rabbit.”

Another wrote: “How your cat and you have disappointed me @Wintersonworld ! At least the cat has an excuse. If you have to kill, why brag about it all day?”

However, not everyone was eraged – Jeannine Burgdorf called her “badass” for gutting the animal for her cat, while Annie-Marie Speed said the dish looked “delicious and very eco friendly”.

Winterson, who wrote Oranges are not the only Fruit, remained defiant:

“Rabbits! At pest level they must be culled,” she tweeted.

“This year is pest level in the countryside. Rabbits are sold @ market. Why not eat what u catch?”

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