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Jenkins: Compensation not important

Former teacher Sion Jenkins has claimed it was "not important" to him to gain compensation for the six years he spent in jail before being cleared of murdering his foster daughter.

Mr Jenkins, 52, said he had not given "a second's thought" to the rejection by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) of the reported £500,000 claim his legal team submitted.

And he said he believed receiving compensation would not have convinced everyone that he was innocent of murdering 13-year-old Billie-Jo Jenkins.

He said he had not appealed against the MoJ's refusal, saying the most important thing was that the investigation into finding her killer "doesn't die".

Mr Jenkins said his focus now was to see her killer face justice 13 years after she was bludgeoned to death at the family home in Hastings, East Sussex.

Speaking about Billie-Jo, he said he treated her like one of his own daughters and he said he will never get over her death. He said he "always remains hopeful" that her murderer will be apprehended, and gains hope from other cases which went unsolved for many years.

Speaking for the first time about his compensation refusal in 2008, Mr Jenkins said: "I'm not appealing the decision because it's not important. The most important thing for me is that the investigation doesn't die and that Sussex Police continues to look for leads.

"I can think of a number of things that could be done and I have requested them. That's what's important. It's something the legal team simply put in for because I'm a miscarriage of justice.

"I haven't given it a second's thought for the last two years. It's simply not important to me.

"I'm not living in a hostel. I'm not living on the street like some unfortunate miscarriage of justice and so it really isn't important."


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