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Jeremy Corbyn compares Labour's late surge in polls to Liverpool's Istanbul comeback in 2005 - 'We are coming up to the 84th minute'

Labour leader also reveals why he is 'Wenger in'

As Labour continues to make ground on the Conservatives Jeremy Corbyn has compared the party's late surge to Liverpool's famous 2005 Champions League comeback in Istanbul.

Ipsos Mori's Political Monitor showed the gap closing to five points with the Tories on 45% - down four on two weeks ago - while Labour are up six on 40%.

The Liberal Democrats and Ukip are both unchanged, on 7% and 2% respectively.

Theresa May remains voters' preferred choice for prime minister although her personal rating is down six points on 50%.

One in three people - 35% - now support Jeremy Corbyn, an increase of six points for the Labour leader.


Mr Corbyn, interviewed by Copa90's Poet and Vuj, was asked: "Would a Labour victory be bigger than Liverpool's comeback in Istanbul?"

The Labour leader said: "We are coming up to the 84 minute... we're not ahead, we're not level but we've got a massive bank of supporters behind us."


Corbyn, an Arsenal fan, also told the online football channel that he is backing Arsene Wenger and is definitely 'Wenger in'. Asked if he would make a music track with grime star JME he replied: "No problem, no problem. Only if I can mime".

In the 2005 Champions League final Milan were regarded as favourites before the match. They led 3-0 before half-time but in the second half Liverpool launched an amazing comeback scoring three in six-minutes to put the scores level at 3–3, with goals from Steven Gerrard, Vladimir Smicer and Xabi Alonso.

The game was decided by penalty shootout that Liverpool won. The Reds claimed their fifth European Cup and were awarded the trophy permanently.

The full Copa90 interview with Mr Corbyn can be viewed below.


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