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Jeremy Corbyn defends 'credible' policies amid grilling on poll ratings

Jeremy Corbyn joked he had made "too many" mistakes to mention but insisted voters would begin to understand his party's anti-austerity message.

The Labour leader said "over time" people would understand the "credible sense" behind the party's message on issues such as tackling inequality in society.

Mr Corbyn was setting out plans for Labour to give a £10 boost to the carer's allowance to around one million "unsung heroes" who care for vulnerable relatives.

But in an occasionally tetchy interview on ITV's Good Morning Britain he was challenged about Labour's dismal poll ratings, just weeks ahead of the May 4 local elections.

He insisted the party's position would improve, saying: " I think the issue will get out there more and more, people will begin to understand that we don't have to go through these levels of austerity in Britain, we don't have to have these levels of inequality in Britain.

"I think people will begin to see that actually what we are saying makes a lot of credible sense."

In an exchange with presenter Piers Morgan, Mr Corbyn said: "Why don't you ask me questions about policy, why are you only asking questions about polling and me?"

The Arsenal fan dismissed as "nonsense" an "absurd" comparison between him and beleaguered Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.

Morgan, also an Arsenal fan, said Wenger refused to acknowledge mistakes, like Mr Corbyn.

The Labour leader said: "I'm not going to go into any big public self analysis. What I will say is of course I reflect on issues, I reflect on decisions we've made."

He added: "I reflect on all of this, all the time. I want the party to be united around these policies. I think you will find the vast majority of Labour members would support these policies.

"Labour voters would support these policies and I think the vast majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party."

Pressed to give one mistake he had made, Mr Corbyn joked: "I can't give you a mistake this morning. There are too many."

After the interview Morgan said on Twitter: " I can't help liking @jeremycorbyn. Like Wenger, a decent principled man - but seems oblivious to reality."

Under Labour's plans, Conservative cuts to inheritance tax would be scrapped to pay for the 17% hike in c arer's allowance.

Weekly payments would rise from £62.70 a week to £73.10, which would bring the rate into line with jobseeker's allowance.

Mr Corbyn's policy drive comes as recent polling on who would be the best prime minister saw him slump to 14% among all voters and also follows criticism by Labour MP Neil Coyle, who said a complaint made about him by the Islington North MP's office was "absurd".


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