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Jet crash parents tell PM of anguish over missing body

By Staff Reporter

The parents of a man killed in the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash have told of their anger and frustration at not knowing what has happened to his body.

Barry and Angela Sweeney say they are trying to remain positive that their son Liam's body will be returned soon but that not knowing is proving tough.

Speaking after a meeting with David Cameron in No 10, Mr Sweeney said the Prime Minister answered all his questions but they had not learned anything new.

Mr Sweeney said: "I feel very angry and frustrated. It would be nice if they could just stop fighting for a little bit so that we could get all our boys and girls home."

Liam Sweeney (28) was travelling with fellow Newcastle United fan John Alder to see the club's pre-season tour when the plane was shot down over Ukraine.

His mother told of her struggle to cope with the lack of information coming from the investigation.

She said: "Just functioning really. Just waiting and my liaison officers have been very, very nice. It's just the waiting is the worst bit."

The couple were among seven of the 10 families of British victims on the downed flight who attended an hour long meeting with Mr Cameron.

Mr Sweeney (52) from Killingworth, North Tyneside, said the relatives had "probably not" been told anything they did not already know but told how the families asked the Prime Minister for help.

He said: "I've got to say Mr Cameron was very humble. He answered every question that was asked of him. He brought a few experts in to talk about crash sites and how the airplane might have come down.

"We basically asked Mr Cameron just to help. The talking, I suppose, has got to stop and the doing has got to be done."

He said the family did not know if their son's body remained at the crash site or if it had been taken to the Netherlands.

"It's very difficult but unfortunately we are going to have to wait to find out," he added.

Meanwhile, world aviation chiefs have set up a "senior level" international task force to deal with the threat to passenger planes from ground-based weaponry following the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. And a high-level safety conference involving more than 190 nations is to take place under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

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