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Jim Davidson banned for 'rudeness'

Comedian Jim Davidson has been banned from performing at a theatre over accusations of "rude and unacceptable behaviour".

The performer has published an email sent by Peter Wilson, chief executive of the Theatre Royal, Norwich, to explain to his fans why he will not be performing in the city.

On his official site, Davidson writes: "I wanted to let you nice people from Norwich know why I am not playing your theatre.

"I have been asked by many people in Norfolk why I do not play the county's most prestigious theatre as they think I am snubbing the town in favour of Great Yarmouth.

"You will see from the reply I have received from the Theatre Royal below, that this is not the case. If you have any comments I suggest you make them known to the theatre directly."

In the email, Mr Wilson said that staff at the theatre meet every six weeks to discuss shows and complete an assessment form.

Following Davidson's last appearances in August 2004, his assessment form read: "Very rude to staff. Arguments over figures, drinks etc, and personal comments that are not acceptable."

Mr Wilson goes on to say: "From the show report of that evening it is plain that you publicly insulted and demeaned my front of house colleagues, offensively queried the house returns, and refused to accept our policy on wheelchair users, and that your company manager Steve Farr behaved as badly.

"I'm sorry of course that your many fans - and I'm not for a moment questioning your popularity as an entertainer - have to travel to catch your act. But I prefer not to have you in our theatre because there is not a single person here who finds this sort of behaviour acceptable.

"If asked by the people of Norwich, I will be more than happy to make public our specific objections."


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