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Joanna boyfriend tells of pain

The boyfriend of murdered landscape architect Joanna Yeates has spoken of his pain at losing her, nearly a year after she was found murdered on Christmas Day.

In an interview with The Sun, 28-year-old Greg Reardon said the couple would probably have married one day.

Miss Yeates's body was found by dog walkers on a snowy verge in Failand, near Bristol, last Christmas Day. In October, the couple's neighbour Vincent Tabak was jailed for life for killing her.

During his trial, the jury heard he strangled Miss Yeates, 25, in a violent confrontation at the flat she shared with Mr Reardon in Clifton, Bristol. He then span a web of lies and deceit to cover his tracks - taking her body back to his flat, then going night shopping in Asda with her in his car boot. Within an hour he had dumped her partially clothed corpse on the verge, and just 24 hours later was drinking champagne with friends.

Mr Reardon told The Sun he met Miss Yeates in 2008 after they both started working for the BDP architecture firm in Bristol, and described her as modest, conscientious and laid-back. He said the couple had lived together for over a year and had a pet cat, adding: "My mum and dad were very proud of me for finding such a nice girl."

The 28-year-old said he would probably have proposed one day. "The thought of proposing had crossed my mind although it was probably some time off," he said. "It was more about taking things one step at a time and seeing where life took us than having a 'five-year plan' or whatever."

Mr Reardon was praised, along with Miss Yeates's family, by police for his dignity during Tabak's trial. He told The Sun: "The trial was a bl**dy nightmare, but we all had to grit our teeth and ride it through. It was surreal facing Tabak in court. I just had to keep calm and get through it. After the trial was over I felt a big release of tension but it just left me a little numb and empty. I was glad of the result, though."

Mr Reardon, who has returned to work and has bought a flat in Bristol, said he still visits his late girlfriend's grave.

He has helped raise thousands for the charity Missing People and is supporting its latest campaign Join The Search, and added: "I'll continue to support charities that helped us and that Jo was passionate about but there's nothing in the pipeline as yet.

"I've visited her grave and will continue to do so. We are in the process of organising a proper headstone and it will be nice to see that in place. I'm not sure specifically what I'll do to remember Jo in the future but I'm certainly not going to forget her."


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