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Jobs assurance over estuary airport

Boris Johnson's aviation aide has insisted that a new Thames Estuary airport to replace Heathrow would not result in thousands of job losses.

Daniel Moylan, the Mayor of London's aviation adviser, said the idea that Heathrow Airport could relocate to the east of London as part of plans for the new hub airport was not just just a "p ipe dream".

Although he acknowledged that around 143/145,000 Londoners were dependent on Heathrow for work, he said: "They would not lose their jobs - far from it.

"Aviation is a growing industry. There would be more people in London employed in aviation if you actually allowed it to grow. Many of those people would relocate, other people would actually help to retrain.

"People travel all over from all parts of London to jobs in other parts of London and many of them on quite tight wages."

Mr Moylan added: "We are talking about something that is going to be happening in about 15 years' time. We don't know the skill-sets that are going to be needed. Are you going to need the same amount of baggage handlers and so forth with increased automation at a new airport?"

He said if the Thames Estuary airport were to proceed, there would be a "dislocational effect, that the Government could actually help with".


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