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Joey Essex: Demo-cat boss Legg sick

Joey Essex has labelled Nick Clegg's five-year stint as Deputy Prime Minister as "sick" - while learning that he doe s not lead the "Liberal Demo-cats".

The reality star also said he initially thought he was meeting "Mr Legg" and praised the DPM as a "nice bloke" who was honest for saying he would not win the general election.

Essex, who shot to fame in The Only Way Is Essex, questioned Mr Clegg about how he "teamed up" with David Cameron for the Coalition and why people should vote for him - but also about his party's name.

As Mr Clegg thought how best to explain, Essex added: "It's a long word, innit? Two words."

The DPM said: "There used to be a Liberal Party and then the Social Democrats and they got together."

Essex replied: "I was wondering that. I thought it was quite a weird word in it - it's got cats in it. What's the cats about?"

Mr Clegg, laughing, said: "It's not cats, it's crats."

Essex said: "Oh it's crats? I thought it was Liberal Demo-cats."

Mr Clegg told Essex: "You can call it demo-cats if you like but I'll stick with democrats."

Essex added: "Oh wicked. Obviously you basically rule this country right, a little bit?"

Mr Clegg replied that he had been DPM for five years, prompting Essex to reply: "Sick."

Essex also joked: "I sort of rule Essex. I was going to say, someone else will be Prime Minister next? Are you going to be Prime Minister?"

Mr Clegg said: "I'd love to be Prime Minister but I don't think I'm going to win this election outright but I do actually think, a bit like the last, there'll be a debate about which mixture of parties will govern the country and run it well next time round."

Essex interviewed the Liberal Democrat leader following a central London press conference as he filmed a political special of his ITV 2 show Educating Joey Essex.

Essex told Mr Clegg: "I don't really know much about all the politics world - this is only like my second day doing it - but I mean, at the moment, to me, everyone seems to just want to win.

"They ain't going to put themselves down - well, some people will be honest with themselves - but I think everyone is fighting for the same position.

"I don't really get it.

"Well, you've taught me about Liberal Democrats and at least I know the name now and I'm really sorry for not coming for the thingy (press conference) because I was meant to wear a suit but they didn't tell me I was meeting a leader today.

"I thought I'd be around London."

After the interview, Essex asked Mr Clegg for a selfie - a request which was willingly granted.

Speaking to the Press Association, Essex said he is meant to be meeting David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband.

He said: "I'm excited about that. David Cameron is the Prime Minister. But to be fair, to me, they are all prime ministers.

"They're all on TV, they're all doing good things, they're all trying to make people happy, so in my eyes they're all nice people really - like, at the moment anyway, until I maybe meet one of them and he's not nice.

"But they're all sweet at the moment."

Asked if there were any words politicians should use, Essex laughed as he replied: "They could use reem. No, I'm joking. They could use that, but they won't."

The 24-year-old also said of Mr Clegg: " I've met Nick for the first time today and I thought he was a nice bloke, to be fair.

"He was honest, he told me he weren't going to win - I think honesty is the best policy.

"If - not saying I'm going to be Prime Minister - I was going to lose something and genuinely thought I was going to lose, I would be honest and say I was going to lose. I think that was quite a nice thing of him to say.

"He was a nice guy."

Essex said he did not know anything about Mr Clegg before the interview, adding: "I only found out who the Prime Minister was about a week ago."

He went on: "The aim of the show, when I first started this I knew General Election was coming up and five years ago I knew nothing about it and five years ago I was 19, so I think it's a good thing for me as a 24-year-old and people who were my age five years ago when the general election was going on to know more about it.

"I want to get more young people to vote because it's a good thing. I don't really think people understand it because the words are so heavy, it's not brief enough.

"So I don't expect the Prime Minister and MPs to speak brief or have their sidekick, me, next to them telling the kids how brief it is so that's why we're making the Educating Joey Essex show for politics to show the youth they should vote and it's a good thing."


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