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John Bercow re-elected Commons Speaker

John Bercow has been re-elected Commons Speaker.

Earlier Conservative former minister James Duddridge said he believed there are “more important battles to fight” in the UK following the General Election and there was "no appetite" for a contest.

Before polling day, Mr Bercow had been expected to face opposition after he said he wanted to serve the full-term of up to five years in the next Parliament, rowing back on a pledge to step down next year.

But with the Conservatives losing their Commons majority and Prime Minister Theresa May’s future called into question, Tuesday’s election of a Commons Speaker is now expected to see Mr Bercow returned unopposed by MPs.

Mr Duddridge told the Press Association: “There is no love for Mr Bercow, but there is not an appetite to push it to a vote. The country has more important battles to fight, backing the Prime Minister, delivering Brexit and growing the economy.”

Mr Duddridge added he is not aware of anyone else preparing to challenge Mr Bercow.

James Duddridge said he is not aware of anyone else preparing to challenge Mr Bercow ( Ricky MacGregor/PA)

Mr Bercow faced a no confidence motion earlier this year, tabled by Mr Duddridge and supported by four other Tory MPs, although it failed to make any progress. It emerged in response to criticism of the Speaker’s remarks that US President Donald Trump should not be allowed to address Parliament on his state visit.

Mr Bercow was last week re-elected in Buckingham, standing as the impartial Speaker, with convention dictating that the main political parties do not stand candidates against him. MPs, on the first day they meet after an election, must then choose the Speaker – with the incumbent usually returned without opposition.

But if MPs vote against the return of the previous holder of the role or there is no returning Speaker then a secret ballot can take place.

Mr Bercow became Speaker in 2009 and initially said he wanted to serve for nine years. He later told Sky News he was “entitled to take a somewhat different view now to the one I took back in 2009” following Mrs May’s decision to call a snap election.


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