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Josh (9) is the first boy to get special bionic hand

By Mark McLaughlin

A nine-year-old who was bullied for having only one hand has become the first boy in the UK to be fitted with a child-sized bionic hand.

Josh Cathcart, from Dalgety Bay, Fife, said he could not wait to show off his "awesome" new limb to his friends.

Parents Clare and James said they started looking for a solution when Josh came across the Touch Bionics firm, which had just developed the i-limb Quantum.

After an operation to fit him with it, Josh said: "I can stick my thumb up. I can make a pinch grip and I can get a grip for cutting with a knife. I made myself a bagel yesterday. I can open bottles and packets, stack up blocks, build Lego and pull my trousers up."

Mrs Cathcart added: "Josh was born missing a hand. As time went on I blamed myself. Now I can see him with two hands.

"Obviously his socket's going to grow, so he'll get about nine months to a year out of this one and then he will have to come again and get a new socket.

"I think it's great. Just to see him pull his trousers up this morning, it was just something that he had never done. It looked so natural for him."

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