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Joy and tears for World Cup expats


Fans of Argentina and Germany living in the UK are gathering to watch the World Cup final

Fans of Argentina and Germany living in the UK are gathering to watch the World Cup final

Fans of Argentina and Germany living in the UK are gathering to watch the World Cup final

German-themed pubs and bars across London were filled with delighted expats tonight as they gathered to watch their national team win the World Cup.

At the Zeitgeist pub in Vauxhall several hundred fans of Der Mannschaft erupted with joy at the final whistle, spraying beer everywhere to start a party that went on long into the night after Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in extra time.

One fan, called Jorg, said: "It's unbelievable. This is the second World Cup I have witnessed us winning since I was born, the first I was too young to realise, this one has been a dream.

"We now have four stars, four stars baby. I'm going to have to go shopping and get a new shirt with four stars on it!"

Philip Nuggert, from the German city of Bielefeld, was heading to Trafalgar Square to carry on the party.

He said: "I feel amazing, I can't believe we won this.

"And Gotze scored, it is incredible, it's the best feeling ever.

"Now we are heading to Trafalgar Square to party all night long.

"I spoke to my manager already, she is fine with it!"

The mood was in stark contrast to that in Argentinian bars across the capital.

Around 400 noisy fans gathered at Moo Cantina in Pimlico to cheer on the South Americans.

Many wore their team's blue and white shirt and painted their cheeks in support of their heroes.

They chanted constantly throughout the game until Mario Gotze's goal in the 113th minute left everyone in stunned silence.

Some fans were left in tears and could not bring themselves to watch the dying moments of the game.

But when the final whistle was blown the fans gave a rapturous round of applause for their team's efforts.

Some left the venue with glum faces, but many others held a party outside, setting off fireworks and dancing.

Caro Serrizvela, 31, of Bayswater, said: "I'm very happy and very proud of how we played. But in the World Cup the most important thing is to win."

Daniel Caballero, 34, who lives in Stoke Newington, said: "I think that was our best performance. Everyone thought the Germans would score three or four goals but after 90 minutes it was 50/50.

"Someone has to win at the end."

His wife, Chantal, 26, said: "Both teams had good chances. I was suffering for 120 minutes. It would have been nice to see Messi lift the World Cup."

Alex Hughes, 26, who grew up in Argentina and now lives in Peckham, said: "I feel destroyed but extremely proud. I felt it deserved to go to penalties.

"Germany managed to shut Messi down. Possibly he played too deep."

Hernan Palacios, 33, of Bromley, said: "We almost won the World Cup, so if you don't win, second place isn't enough."